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Works of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)
Edizione Antonino Reggio

This site offers modern editions of the works of the Sicilian Priest, composer and performer on the harpsichord and violoncello, Antonino Reggio

Reggio's works comprise Sacred works, Arias from popular operas of the period, Keyboard sonatas and sonatas for Lute and Bass.

These works will be published over a period of two years and will reflect the whole of Reggio's known works.

A thematic Catalogue is also available and eventually a compete biography will be published.

Details of the life and times of Antonin Reggio can be found at

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Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)

Article 29.04.2015

Antonino Reggio. Antonio Reggio wurde als Mitglied eines Nebenzweiges des sizilianischen Adelsgeschlechts Principi di Campofiorito in Aci Catena, einer Ortschaft der sizilianischen Provinz Catania 1725 geboren in Rom in 1780. Jahrhundert. Er war ...

Violoncello Duets of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)

Article 29.04.2015

Antonino Reggio. Antonino Reggio was born in Aci Catena, a commune in the province of Catania in Sicily, in 1725 and died in Rome in  1780, a member of a cadet branch of a Sicilian noble family, Principi di Campofiorito . He was a priest and in ...

Violoncello Duets of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)

News 29.04.2015

The 'cello duets of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780) will be available available as individual sheet music from the 1st of May 2015.