Works of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)

Violoncello Duets of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780)

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The Violoncello Duets of Antonino Reggio (1725-1780) will be available as from the 7th May 2015

Antonino Reggio.

Antonino Reggio was born in Aci Catena, a commune in the province of Catania in Sicily, in 1725 and died in Rome in  1780, a member of a cadet branch of a Sicilian noble family, Principi di Campofiorito. He was a priest and in 1753 was assigned to the Apostolic Nuncio in Portugal. In 1763 Reggio relinquished his status of Abate with the monastery of Sant’ Angelo di Brolo, and appointed to Monsignor.

Whilst in Rome he became well known as a composer and musician. In 1770 he was visited by the English musician and writer, Dr Charles Burney. Reggio is described as ‘pretty good composer and performer on the harpsichord and violoncello’ and ‘eminent for [his] skill in the art, and learning in the science of sound; among whom …Monsignor Reggio.’ There appears to be little information regarding his ecclesiastical work in Rome. Reggio is also mentioned by the Roman poet and writer Giovanni Gherado De Rossi who describes Reggio as ‘ a man of great intellect, erudite, and very deep in music. 

The majority of Reggio’s 153 known original works are held in the Santini Collection in the Diözensanbibliothek, Münster. 


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